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Now that I sponsor, how can I connect further with my child?

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2015 07:43PM UTC

Once you receive your child’s sponsorship card in the mail, place it in a prominent place (for example, on the refrigerator), so you are reminded to think of and pray for your child often

We hope that sponsors will write a letter to their child at least twice a year, but please feel free to write more often. We will have all letters translated and will send them to your child as soon as possible. In turn, we also forward all correspondence from your child to you.

Here are some tips for what you could include in your letters:

  • Your name (first name only; NO ADDRESSES please)

  • Your favorites (colors, games/sports, toys, hobbies, animals)

  • What you like to do on weekends or for fun; also, ask what your child’s favorite things are to do

  • Who lives with you (spouse, children, pets)

  • Ask your child questions about school--what they like about it, their favorite subjects, what they’d like to be when they grow older

  • Encourage your child to write back to you and ask if there is anything they want to know about you or your family

  • Let them know that you are praying for them

  • Ask about their customs, climate, culture, and country

  • Encourage your sponsored child in their education, hobbies, and interests

  • Encourage your children (if applicable) to write to your child as well (send hand drawn pictures or decorate the letters for fun)

  • Please consider your sponsored child’s environment and culture. Be sensitive NOT to mention your material possessions or money, as this could make your child feel uncomfortable or deprived in some way

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